7700 Miles

Overseas Travel – Part 1

When we first entertained the idea of traveling overseas with L, I had several concerns. How would he handle the 14+ hour flight? How would he handle jetlag? Would he be able to eat? And these are all valid concerns!

We traveled when L was just a few months shy of turning 2, so he was “free”. When I say “free”, I mean that he still needed to pay 10-25% (depending on the airline) the cost of an adult ticket for the international flight. And he doesn’t even get a meal! It’s a little ridiculous IMO but what are you going to do?

Like with our previous trip, we packed a whole carry-on full of goodies. I had activity books, stickers, small cars, kid-sized headphones, lollipops and various other snacks. I was determined to make sure he was not that kid and I succeeded because a few passengers passing us on their way to the restroom even commented that they were not aware there was a child nearby since he was so well-behaved. Score!

It was not all peaches and cream, however.  Our itinerary was a few days in Hong Kong, then a few in Bali, Indonesia and finally a full week in Tokyo, Japan. There was going to be quite a bit of flying involved so we were crossing our fingers.

He was super fussy the first couple of days in Hong Kong. I attribute it to the humidity/heat and jetlag. He was just not comfortable. Plus, he constantly wanted to be held even though we brought our travel stroller, the UPPABaby G-Luxe reclining umbrella stroller, which I bought specifically in anticipation of this trip. Some of the awesome features include one handed recline, adjustable footrest, easy to fold and can stand on its own (a MUST for all germaphobes!) and extendable sunshade. The reclining featuring is an absolute must for a travel stroller for those times when it’s nap time but you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room; not all umbrella strollers have this feature so make sure you do your homework.

L also ate very little during the first couple of days. I had brought some of his favorite Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-ups and luckily I did because oftentimes at 2am local time, he would be awake and hungry. These can be eaten without hearing so is a perfect travel food item. The only thing is that it contains liquids so you will not be able to put it in your carry-on.

We spent these first couple of days in Hong Kong with my sister, Echo. She flew in from Taiwan to meet us so she could spend some time with the little one. Since we had previously been to Hong Kong before, we weren’t really interested in doing many of the first-timer touristy sites, so we stuck with staying local.

In Part 2, I will go into detail about our itineraries and my recommendations for each of the cities we visited.


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