7700 Miles

2015 Travel Plans

So 2014 was a pretty tame year for us travel-wise – we went to Cancun and Puerto Rico and even did a small road trip to the Jersey Shore, which included our four-legged family member, Domo.

I didn’t expect to travel much in 2015 neither, maybe 1 big overseas trip and a sprinkling of small “local” trips. Little did I know that during the last two months of 2014, I would chance upon some can’t miss cheap airfares.

I first booked a trip to Copenhagen. Budget airline WOW air was starting up their U.S. to Europe runs and we were able to get $400 tickets. The only caveat is that we had to fly out of Logan (Boston, MA), which was a 4 hour drive. I debated with K for a few hours and we finally decided to go with it. He had family in Boston so it would be a nice little road trip to boot. We could stay in Boston for a day or two and enjoy the great summer weather. Besides, the last time we visited was close to 15 years ago and we had just started dating! It would be nice to reminisce a little.

Then, on Christmas morning, while we were lying in bed watching tv, I saw a super cheap fare to Abu Dhabi on Etihad. Although we never thought in a million years we would ever set foot in the Middle East, at $177/person, how could we pass it up? I booked the tickets with little hesitation, with our total coming to around $510 since L’s ticket was a child ticket. What an amazing find!

So we were all set, with our March trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and our June trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm. I thought we were pretty much done, with the exception of maybe a small Caribbean trip later in the year.

Then, just last week, I saw that United had a fare sale to Taiwan with a stopover in Japan. K and I were born in Taiwan and came to NY when we were very young. We used to visit almost every other year to visit my father, but after he passed away in 2008, I just never felt the need to go back.

We had planned on taking a trip to Asia in late 2016, but fare sales happen so infrequently that we decided to snatch this up. With my United miles and the sale, we ended up spending $1200 for the 3 of us. Not too shabby!

This will be a year of wonderful memories for little L and I can’t wait to share our journeys.

The next couple of posts will be dedicated to our trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so stay tuned!

Where are you planning on going this year?


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